A Data Mining Framework for Training Intelligent Agents

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The AA 3nd Management Meeting

Berlin, Germany, 31 March 2003


The Agent Academy 3rd Management Meeting took place in Berlin, Germany on March 31, 2002. All partners of the consortium attended the meeting and the Project Coordinator. Work that had been accomplished up to M17 and the reviewers’ recommendations after the second review was discussed. Consortium’s future steps to confront with the reviewers’ comments were decided. The critical issues were the AA Alliance Agreement, the Project dissemination and the Licensing Issue of the platform under development.

Certain decisions of the PMB Meeting include:

  1. Alliance Agreement will describe the contractual relationships between the 5 commercial partners and the 3 academic partners after finalizing the project. It will define the ways for all the partners to cooperate inside and outside of the consortium after the project is finished. The Academic Partners will continue maintaining the open source. Both academic and commercial partners will seek future commercial uses and application of the project results.
  2. 2. Open Source License for the AA platform. AA software will be distributed under the Less-GNU GPL license through SourceForge. CERTH will be the administrator and will host and maintain the platform.




































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