A Data Mining Framework for Training Intelligent Agents

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Agent Academy
A Data Mining Framework for Training Intelligent Agents

Agent Academy is an innovative Research and Development project launched under the Information Society Technologies (IST) EU Programme and specifically within Key Action Line IV.2.1 "Distributed systems and services provision".

Project Overview

Intelligent Agent technology, coupled with Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
promise to dramatically affect the way humans interact with computers. The main goal of Agent Academy is to develop an integrated environment for embedding intelligence in newly created agents through the use of Data Mining techniques.

Agent Academy aims to a) develop the tools for assembling and maintaining a large repository of
data on agent use and behavior, b) provide an integrated environment for the systematic study of agent intelligence, and c) develop a well-defined, well-specified model for an agent-training facility.

Agent Academy will adhere to a common set of primitive specifications, which are compliant with widely accepted efforts for standardization, such as the ones undertaken by FIPA, OMG
and others. The successful outcome of this effort is expected to propagate the use of agent related technologies into business practices and personal use.

Project Starting Date: 1 November 2001

Project Duration: 24 months

Project No: IST-2000-31050

Project Coordinator:
Prof. Pericles Mitkas

Intelligent Systems and Software Engineering Laboratory
Informatics and Telematics Institute
Centre for Research and Technology - Hellas

Project Officer:
Ms. Merce Griera i Fisa

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